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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, wait a minute... wasn't it just 80 degrees?? But yeah, somehow we are here and soon the aroma of delectable dishes fills the kitchen, the anticipation of a scrumptious feast grows, and your pup will be DROOLING and looking at you cross eyed when you "forget" to serve them as you all set down to the table. While it’s tempting to share the joys of this holiday with your fur babies, keep in mind that not all Thanksgiving foods are safe for dogs. To ensure you stay out of the vet ER this Thanksgiving, here’s a little guide to dog-safe Thanksgiving foods.

TURKEY The STAR of the Thanksgiving table, and thank goodness, it’s a SAFE option for dogs, too. Stick to just the meat, white meat being the best for our pups, and avoid the skin, excess fat, and obviously the bones! Best of luck with this part, but do your best to avoid any seasoning or spices, as these may upset their stomach.

SWEET POTATOES Sweet potatoes are pup friendly, and what's even better is dogs LOOOOVE them! They are rich in vitamins and fiber and I'm seriously considering using them in our winter flavor of Baker's Biscuits. Simply mash or bake some plain sweet potatoes and spoil your pup by adding a dollop to their regular meal before you add in all the butter, sugar, or spices.

MASHED POTATOES Dogs can also enjoy PLAIN mashed potatoes in moderation, again, before you add in all the yummies that make them DELICIOUS! The extra fat and dairy in milk and butter that we add to mashed potatoes can be hard on some dogs’ stomachs, so be cautious with the quantity, or just portion out a small amount before adding the extras.

GREEN BEANS Green beans are a healthy, low-calorie snack that dogs typically enjoy and are an excellent source of fiber and vitamins. That's why we often include them in our frozen mega Kongs! Serve this healthy treat up steamed or boiled before you add any seasonings.

PUMPKIN Plain canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) is full of fiber and is actually GREAT for digestion. THIS is why Baker's Biscuits went with a pumpkin flavor this fall! A small spoonful can be mixed into their food or offered as a treat and they'll be in heaven!

CRANBERRIES Not something I would have originally thought to give my dog, BUT as I was perusing for winter treat flavor ideas, cranberries were def an option! Cranberries are safe for dogs in SMALL amounts. Fresh or dried cranberries can be used as a low-calorie treat, but they are high in sugar, so choose one with no added sugars and keep those quantities low!

CARROTS Carrots are good for us, so how can they be bad for dogs, right? RIGHT! They are another dog-friendly vegetable that are a great source of vitamins and fiber. Serve them cooked or raw as a crunchy and healthy snack.

FOODS TO AVOID While it’s tempting, and all too easy to share, certain Thanksgiving foods are harmful to dogs and should be kept out of paw's reach! These include:

  • Onions

  • Garlic

  • Grapes/raisins

  • Chocolate

  • Nuts

  • Anything seasoned with spices, herbs, or high in fat.

No matter the treat, or the occasion, moderation is always key. Even safe foods should be given in small portions as an occasional treat. Overindulging your dog, even with safe foods, can lead to an upset belly and messes no one wants to clean up. Although it's all too easy to want to spoil your fur babies, you'll both be thankful if you stick with the suggestions above!

Does your pup need a place to play and stay this holiday season? Good news! H3 Kennels IS OPEN! Spots are filling up quickly, but we do have a few available, so submit a reservation request at today!

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