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Cat Boarding

We know that going out of town can be a stressful experience for both you and your cat. You needn’t fret over whether your kitty is getting the proper attention and care from the neighbor or family friend you put in charge while you’re away.

Rest and Relax... Fur Real!


At H3 Kennels, we give you peace of mind by providing exceptional cat boarding services for your kitty when your job or vacation takes you away. Our staff will ensure that your furry friend enjoys her stay and receives the attention she deserves.

As if getting out of the house on time for vacation isn’t enough of a challenge, add on dropping off your cat and her belongings to an already packed car, and the stress just piles on. We are happy to pick up your kitty and even drop him/her off safely so that you can be welcomed home with a puuuurfectly happy cat!

A 5-Star Resort for a 5-Star Cat

Our entire facility is climate controlled, maintaining a comfortable 70 degrees regardless of the temperature outside. Our kitty townhomes are fitted with quality bedding, spacious accommodations, and a host of extras available to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Our accommodations are also cleaned and maintained daily by our boarding staff.

Plenty of Play

Although we know cats love to lounge, we’ll be sure to give plenty of time for play. Although our kitty townhomes are spacious, cats will be let out to play and explore our indoor play area several times throughout the day. Rest assured your kitty will receive the attention they require throughout the day.

Personal Care

When you board your cat with us at H3 Kennels, our boarding staff will collect specific information to ensure quality care and to replicate the home environment as closely as possible. We’ll ask about:

  • Medications and medical history

  • Eating patterns and feeding preferences

  • How your cat interacts with other cats, dogs, and children (my son is my best helper!)

  • What makes your kitty happy or upset

Quality Staff

The owners live on this property, so time and attention should be of no concern when you leave your cat in our care. We work to ensure your kitty receives the best possible boarding experience and never want to leave your furry friend anywhere but H3 Kennels the next time you head out of town. You can expect daily updates on how your cat is doing and pictures to assure your kitty is living their best life!

Give Your Kitty the Purrrfect Stay While You’re Away

When you board your cat with H3 Kennels, you can be sure that they will be treated like one of our own, receiving personal attention, exceptional care, and loads of love from our family.

Please bring your own kitty litter and cat food for your cat's stay. A litter box, bowls for food, water, and cat beds will be provided unless otherwise noted.

$20 per day

Dates Are Available Unless Noted

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