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  • H3 Kennels cannot guarantee that blankets or beds will be kept in the same condition as brought in. 

  • All dogs & cats must have current vaccinations. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to provide updated shot records to H3 Kennels annually. (I reached out to my vet and will have a complete list of required shots - I KNOW they need rabies, distemper, and bordetella at least)

  • Heather can administer all types of medications, including injections such as insulin during your pet’s visit. Instructions for such will be covered in the 30 minute trial period prior to your pet’s stay. There is no additional fee for this service.

  • We allow dogs from the same household to share a room provided they can eat together and are both under 20 lbs. If your dogs must be separated to eat, please book separate suites. We do not have extra room to separate dogs for eating. The second dog in the same room will receive a 30% discount. For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, credit or debit cards. 

  • All pets must be on a leash or in a pet carrier when entering or leaving the premises.

  • We highly recommend that you bring in the pet food your dog/cat is used to, since changing foods can cause a severe upset stomach. Food must be brought in individually pre-portioned, sealed baggies per each meal. We can provide Purina Pro Plan at a $5/day per dog fee if you choose.

  • Reservations are required for boarding. We request that you give us at least a 72 hour advanced notice from the start of the reservation for any changes. If your changes create a vacancy, we will try to fill it in those 72 hours, but in the event that we cannot, a 50% vacancy fee will be applied. PLEASE NOTE: ONCE YOUR RESERVATION IS BOOKED, YOU WILL BE BILLED FOR THE FULL BOOKING UNLESS YOU GIVE AT LEAST 3 DAYS NOTICE PRIOR TO THE START OF THE RESERVATION. 

  • Usual drop-off times can occur anytime between 9 AM to 12 Noon and 3 PM to 6 PM on Monday through Fridays. Appointments outside of these times from 6 AM to 8 PM are welcome and can easily be arranged since we live on the property. Please note we do close from Noon to 3 PM Mondays-Fridays so if pickups or drop offs need to be during our closed time, appointments MUST be made. Pick-ups, drop-offs and tours are by appointment only on Saturday and Sundays. We charge by the day, not by the night. On drop off day, we charge for the entire day no matter what time of the day or night the dog is brought in for boarding because we must hold the suite all day for your pet. On check out day, check outs are allowed from 6 AM to 9 AM at no charge for check out day. After 9 AM, there is a FULL DAYCARE CHARGE no matter what time the dog leaves. On Sundays & holidays (New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day) pickups are allowed from 1 PM to 8 PM but there is a FULL charge for Sundays & holidays regardless of what time the dog is checked out.

  • We CANNOT board any dogs over one year of age that have not been spayed or neutered. Since we allow for community play time, we cannot guarantee the safety of all boarders if we have dogs that are not fixed.

  • Pet owner understands the risks involved with communal boarding of dogs/cats. Our boarding animals sometimes play both outside and inside with other dogs/cats. Although we will offer reasonable care, the unpredictable personality of these pets can sometimes lead to injury. Pet owner agrees that any problem that develops with their dog/cat will be treated as deemed best by H3 Kennels and full financial responsibility for all expenses will be assumed by the pet owner.

  • Pet owner understands that H3 Kennels’s liability, of any circumstance related to the dog/cat, will not exceed the current chattel value of a dog/cat of the same breed as the one in our care.

  • Due to the communal nature of our playgroups, and for safety/liability concerns, H3 Kennels does not allow any aggressive dogs/cats for boarding or daycare. Prior to boarding, a 15-30 minute visit will be REQUIRED to test the dog’s social skills and aggression. This is a family run business, so all guests of H3 Kennels must be tolerant of small children. H3 Kennels reserves the right to deny boarding to any pets without proper socialization skills. 

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