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Where the heck have Baker's Biscuits been?

This little 4 year old sure did start off his entrepreneurial journey strong!! During the cooler

months and with our original peanut butter & bacon flavored treat, it was reasonable to expect a bag of treats to last 3-4 weeks in the fridge. BUT, summer rolled around, temps got hotter, and we changed to a new summer flavor - lemon coconut - that hit a roadblock and quickly brought our little entrepreneur to a speeding halt.

After a little research and chatting with some dog treat making professionals, I've learned A LOT that I didn't know when we started Baker's Biscuits:

  1. The amount of moisture in the recipe inversely effects the shelf life. Soooo, when I thought I was sending out Pina Colada vibes with our new summer flavor, I was actually saving your dog a visit to the

vet with all the penicillin ("mold") on those babies! Embarrassed and feeling terrible, I pulled them off the shelves immediately and had to find a solution before ruining the reputation of my boy's booming business!!

2. Enter - THE DEHYDRATOR to the rescue!!! After baking these babies, I'm now popping them in the dehydrator to remove all the moisture which has 3 benefits! First, you'll no longer need to store them in the fridge!!! They should last MUCH longer sealed up in the bag. AND, your pup gets WAY more treats since they weigh less! Sounds like wins all around to me!!

Soooo, for all of you who have been popping into Andre's and LaRue's looking for Baker's

Biscuits, you can expect to see them back on the shelves (not in the fridge anymore) by THIS WEEKEND!!! Just as Baker has learned many valuable lessons from the kennel, he's learned here the importance of learning from your mistakes, there's always room for improvement, and you never give up. I know how much y'all love to support my boy and for that I'm so very grateful!! So I know once these treats are back on the shelves I'll soon be getting the calls & texts that a restock is in order.

Baker is also going to have a tent set up at Woofstock, a fundraising event put on by True Friends, September 23rd at Salt Springs where he will be releasing his new FALL flavor! We are still trying to decide and would love to hear what flavor your pups would like in the season ahead! Give us a shout and give us some ideas!!

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