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We All Need a Little R & R

Would you believe me if I told you that NOT taking a vacation is BAD for your health?!?! YUP, it's true... go ahead and Google it!! Soooo, as I sit here in New Jersey typing away with Baker napping beside me, my kids & Ray playing a card game behind me, my heart is FULL that we are all together, away from home, and IDLE for the first time since Baker was born! That's right, we have not taken a family vacation, just us, all together in over 5 years!

Reese has been away for the last 8 weeks working as a camp counselor

at Mapleridge Ranch in Owego, NY. So, although she's been "home" from college, she certainly hasn't been home. Her time there was amazing and did wonders for her faith journey, but it was almost worse than having her 7 hours away at college, because she had to be unplugged except for a short 24 hours on the weekends.

Nate has been working this summer for Ray at our family business, Agawam Farms, expanding his equipment operator expertise. This has been great for him as he is pursuing a civil engineering degree at Clemson University! He's such a hard worker, showing up early to work and staying late... I know he's dragging because he religiously goes to bed promptly at 9:30 every night, leaving a very small 3-4 hour window to hang out and catch up with him each day.

On top of this, in case you didn't know, summer months owning a boarding facility is straight up NUTS!!!! I could probably count on one hand the number of days I haven't been FULL since JUNE! (FYI: I believe we are full through August 21 if anyone is thinking of a last minute reservation request!) Starting my day with early morning 7 AM drop offs and 9 PM bedtime walks and tuck ins make for long days of loving on your fur babies, so needless to say... a little R & R has been well deserved if I do say so myself.

A few weeks ago, I posted on Facebook that I was looking for help to finish out the busy summer months and y'all answered that calling!! With that said, the kennel and all of your fur babies have been left in great hands while I'm away!! My team of Tara, Kellie, & Jake are covering all the bases, including communications, sending pics, & sharing updates on our guests this week.

However, come September, we are actually closing up shop for a two week recovery from the summer vacation madness!! Ray and I will be celebrating our 8 year anniversary and Baker and I are headed to Florida to visit my mom and attend "a very important" wedding event (Baker's words). Soooo, unfortunately, we are not accepting any reservations from September 1-15th.

Although inconvenient for y'all (although I only turned away 2 reservations), this vacation and

the one upcoming are something I've been looking forward to for so long! Although the days leading up to this getaway were pure chaos, the break to relax, unwind, enjoy time with family and reconnect, REST my body physically & mentally, and just SIT have been nothing short of a true blessing. This little retreat is going to rejuvenate me, help me avoid getting burnt out, and help spark some new ideas that'll make H3 Kennels an even better experience for your pets... honestly, is that even possible? (YES! Of course it is, and we are always striving to be the best!)

The bottom line is all of these benefits that I'm enjoying this very moment are important and YOU need them too! A vacation doesn't have to be big and fancy, far away, or even lengthy... a small reprieve is sometimes just what the doctor ordered, BECAUSE vacations actually reduce your chances of HEART DISEASE (again, Google it if you don't believe me)! AND, your excuse of, "Oh, we can't get away, who is going to take care of the cat/dog?" has graciously been answered by yours truly!! So, when you finally do book that retreat, H3 Kennels is here to look after your fur babies so you can truly relax knowing your cats & dogs are living their best life while you're rejuvenating your mind and body!

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