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Christmas in July Open House - Is your pup on the naughty list??

Six months into boarding, caring for, and most importantly LOVING on your fur babies and

it's time for another open house!! No one wants to leave their precious pets with a stranger in an unfamiliar place, and I get that... so I'm all about having y'all down to visit, meet me & Baker, allow me to meet your dogs & cats, and snoop around the place before booking a stay with us. NOTHING is scarier to me than leaving my dog with someone new, in a place I haven't seen before. So here's the deets...

Saturday, July 29th, H3 Kennels is teaming up once again with Miner Photography to bring you a CHRISTMAS IN JULY open house event!! Stop on down to see if Santa Paws has your

pups and/or kitties (YES, that's right... we now board cats too!) on the nice or naughty list this year!! Alicia will be snapping adorable photos, perfect for upcoming Christmas cards, and we'll be making personalized paw print Christmas ornaments. Baker, of course, will be handing out one of his new Lemon Coconut flavored Baker's Biscuits to each pup... and the absolute best part, this entire event is FREE of charge!!!

So whether you've been to the kennel once, twice, a hundred times, OR you've been dying to check it out - this event is for YOU! Register a slot (or TWO, if you're bringing more than one dog) just by clicking the link below!

Just a few housekeeping items to avoid mass chaos on the day of this event:

  • Please arrive EARLY for your time slot

  • Keep your pup/cat on a leash and take him or her for a walk prior to coming in for your photo opp to avoid accidents inside ;)

  • Please wait outside/in your car until it's your turn, we'll keep it to one family inside at a time

Alicia, Baker, and I are excited to see all of the "good" little boys and girls!!! We can't wait for you to see what's new at H3!!

XOXO, Hezz & Baker

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