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Summer Reading Program for Kids to Help Improve Literacy

A month or so ago, I came across an article entitled, "Kids Who Read Out Loud to a Dog See Improved Literacy" and immediately my wheels started turning!! How could I create an opportunity to help children in the community with an issue that 1 out of 5 students struggle with?? That's right... more than 1 out of 5 students in elementary school are reading below their grade level!

I gotta say, this tugged at my heart a little more simply because when I was in elementary school, I was one of those 5 kids! I was placed in "special reading" as they called it back then and pulled out of the regular classroom for this "awful reading" as I liked to call it! (And I know you're sitting here reading this blog and my emails thinking I'm J.K. Rowling's daughter, BUT... I'm not!) I remember stressing over having to read out loud in front of the whole class. I specifically remember one time in particular, coming across the word "deny"and pronouncing it "denny" and the whole class LAUGHING at me - this was in 5th grade!! I remember performing so badly on standardized tests and my SAT's because reading wasn't my thing and reading comprehension was even worse!!

My point is that reading is a VITAL skill... and for students who struggle with reading in the primary grades, it doesn't get easier without some intervention. In fact, research shows that children who aren't reading at grade level at the end of fourth grade, are 4x more likely to drop out of high school!! In order to ensure that doesn't happen, students need "special reading" opportunities to work on the very skills they're struggling to master. The trouble is that pulling kids out of the regular classroom or putting them in "special reading" classes, singles them out or takes them away from something else they likely enjoy more. Not to mention, that 3 months off in the summer, often times without picking up a book, certainly doesn't help the situation. So THIS is where H3 Kennels comes in....

Beginning in May and throughout the summer months, H3 Kennels will be offering a summer reading program for kids of any age to come (accompanied by an adult) and read to one of our dogs. Why read to a dog you might ask? Because struggling readers lack confidence, they feel judged, and have no motivation to read! BUT... Sitting under the shade of a tree, laying in the grass, cuddled up with a dog who can't throw shame for mispronouncing "deny" sounds like a wonderful way to motivate struggling readers in our community and I couldn't be happier to offer that opportunity!

This summer reading program will be available Monday through Saturday 9am to 12 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm BY APPOINTMENT. Feel free to bring a book of interest, a blanket to sit on,

and I'll provide the doggy and the treats!! Please call or send me a message to schedule an appointment. Now THIS is the kind of "special reading" class that actually deserves to be called special!!

If you'd like to read the full article I stumbled across, you can access it by clicking the button below:

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