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"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." T.S. Elliott

Here we are, just under three months in business, and a project I've been working on since the beginning of this year has finally come together and been DELIVERED!!

"Is it too early to add on?"

"Is it too expensive?"

"Should I really take on another loan?"

"Do I need this?"

"Aren't there enough groomers in the area?"

Self doubt can really be a booger!! And even worse, make you reconsider your goals, lessen them, or not even pursue them at all. Luckily, I haven't listened to the dream killers and have a pretty awesome update to share that comes with A LOT of additional services available here at H3 Kennels!!

As if this home away from home wasn't already your dog's favorite... buckle up!! You ready??

THIS here is our new addition... not additional boarding space (we aren't quite growing

THAT fast, YET!) but an office space with a washing/grooming area!! Y'all know what this means??

First, and certainly MOST important to me, is easier check in and an environment that we can actually HEAR each other talk, LOL! It's been a challenge to hold a conversation in the kennel most days, often having to step outside into the cold and/or rain to be able to hear over the barking! BUT, now we will have a nice, quiet check in area for just you and your dog! We can discuss all of the important stuff about your pet's stay before escorting your fur baby over to the kennel.

Second, and perhaps most EXCITING, is the grooming salon in the back of this new building! This means a couple of things...

  1. YES! I'm finishing up a grooming course and hope to be offering those services as early as this summer.

  2. EXIT BATHS are now going to be a THING! Dogs that stay with me for 7+ nights will go home fresh & squeaky clean as a special "thank you" from me! You can also treat your pup to an exit bath after shorter stays if you'd like to add that on to your dog's "extras."

Also, we can now start our cat boarding!! The kennel is strictly for dogs and would be a pretty stressful environment for a cat, so I've been waiting for this beauty to show up so that the kitties can have their own quiet space AWAY from the dogs. I plan to set up a little cat "villa" for them to stay in with a cat tree and some fun toys for their entertainment during play time. For more information about this service, just click here:

And lastly, y'all may laugh at me for this one, but... we can now have INTERNET!!! This is important for a few reasons:

  1. "Alexa, can you play dog calming music?" On days when there is just one dog in the kennel, I feel so badly for them and worry about them being lonely. Plus, those poor pups that are having anxiety being away from home, could use some extra calming tactics! And, I swear the music helps lessen the barking! So, if you think this is silly - you do you, and I'll be over here listening to Michael Bolton with the dogs.

  2. Doggy cams!! Are you the worrying type? Missing your dog more than your kids (just kidding)? Well, now you'll be able to look in on them 24/7 to see what they're doing and even TALK to them! The best part is, this is included in your daily fee!!

  3. On site payment options - this is probably the least cool, but worth mentioning - I will now have a POS system set up on site to allow for in person credit card payments. Fancy, I know!!

If you've made it this far, you deserve a Baker's Biscuit!! The bottom line is that I'm still overwhelmed with the support of our new venture and that the future

of H3 Kennels looks promising enough that in just 3 months, I'm taking a chance and growing. Risky? Too soon? Perhaps! BUT... I think what we offer here is special, it's personal, it's

quality, and it's honest to goodness LOVE!! And once people learn about what's offered here, the risk will have been well worth it! Let's see how far we can take this dream...

XOXO, Hezz

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