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Knowledge Is Power

You might think that having dogs come stay with you for a living isn't really "work," but more like play, especially when you have a 4 year old helping you! Trust me when I say, "Playing with dogs is NOT all fun and games!"At least not ALL the time!! I had come to this realization a few weeks into this venture and was reminded of the saying, "work smarter, not harder."

You know all the behaviors you're trying to break your dog of at home? Well, I'm trying to

break them of those same behaviors here at the kennel too!! Barking, jumping up, chewing, pulling on the leash while walking, etc. are just a few things that I worked on with Katie Evans, owner & instructor at The Zen Way: Dog Training and Instruction LLC, last week. She

coached me on how to respond to

these behaviors, redirect the dogs, and so much progress was made in just an hours time. I had actually thought at one point prior to working with Katie, if I don't figure out how to handle these behaviors, this venture may lose its luster quickly. I KNEW I needed to get educated on some basic training from a professional. I'm thankful for what was accomplished in this first session, and look forward to working with Katie more in the coming months.

Katie compared your dogs to my little boy, Baker. The main difference between the two being that I can't understand what the dogs are saying, BUT... routine, expectations, and rewards are things that both Baker and the dogs would benefit from. Essentially, Katie's job is to help me learn how to "talk dog" so that your fur babies and I can get on the same page. Bottom line is, I walked away from that training session, ordered my own fanny pack, rewards treats, and am ready to apply what I learned. I'm feeling better equipped to discourage some of those problem behaviors and allow your pups to best enjoy their time here at the kennel, taking in their surroundings, so that all of us can have more play, and not as much work!!

Katie plans to conduct a 5 week group training course this summer here at H3 Kennels, so stay tuned for information to sign up for that. She also offers one-on-one training sessions, coming right to your home for these private classes, and is currently booking classes for June. Her Facebook page is: and her contact info is listed here:

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