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FORE! The Love of Animals Inaugural Golf Tournament to Support True Friends Animal Welfare Center

Well, if there's anything I love more than dogs & cats, besides my family, it's GOLF!! Now, of course that all depends on how I'm playing... YOU know what I mean, right? You start out great, par, maybe a birdie if you're lucky, holding steady, then ya go and throw down an 8 and ruin the round!! Lord knows what happened!! As far as you know, your swing didn't change, but from here on out you just suck. Heck, if this wasn't the case, we'd be on TV!! Soooo, let me rephrase that and say, I have a love/hate relationship with golf. BUT, that's the beauty of golf and seriously what keeps us coming back for more! It's sort of like a toxic relationship that you just can't walk away from... THAT is the part I just LOVE!

If you're not a golf person, I'm sorry! I'm sure you have no idea what I just said... BUT you should still continue reading this blog because I'm done talking about the ins and outs of golf.

You see, I've been a golfer since I was in my later teen years and my husband's family have been key members of The Montrose Club forever!! The local golf course in town has evolved greatly and made some serious upgrades over the last few years - their kitchen staff and menu items are some of the best in town, their outdoor porch addition has become a great summer location for dining or enjoying a cocktail, and most recently, the website, front porch and bathrooms have all gotten major facelifts!! In case I haven't portrayed this yet, The Club is near and dear to our hearts and we try to support it as often as we can.

With that said, as I was scrolling Facebook one day, I saw the unfortunate news that our local animal rescue, True Friends, had lost its state funding and was desperately looking for donations to help keep the doors open. True Friends is the ONLY no-kill animal shelter in all of Susquehanna County. Servicing such a large area, they're currently caring for 21 cats and 26 dogs, and these numbers increase almost daily. True Friends is grateful for the many volunteers who donate their time walking the dogs and assisting with cleaning, but these numbers are lessening unfortunately. They're currently operating strictly on donations alone to cover employee salaries, building costs, utilities, plus pet food & supplies!!!! If you'd like to send some much needed items directly to True Friends, they conveniently have a "wish list" right on their website with easy shopping through Amazon, Chewy, and Tractor Supply. Check them out here:

Just checking your math skills... can you put two and two together?? So you know what this means, right?!?!

H3 Kennels is proud to be sponsoring the inaugural Fore! The Love of Animals Golf Tournament at The Montrose Club on September 30th, 2023. We plan to have morning and afternoon tee times with a maximum of 36 teams, a luncheon, and a cocktail party with entertainment and prizes in the evening. It's ok if you love animals, but aren't a golfer, there are still ways you can support this great cause! We will have tee and green sponsorship opportunities for local businesses, and unique to this tournament, these signs will honor or memorialize a pet of the business's choice. Our goal is to have every player in this tournament walking away with something, no matter what place you come in! PLUS, we'll have some high dollar items up for auction and a basket raffle as well.

So, the bottom line is, golfer or not... if you love dogs and cats, there is definitely a way for you to help make this event super successful! In the coming months, I'll be organizing a committee to help plan this fundraising event, bouncing around the county asking for donations of prizes, food & drink, items to be auctioned off, & monetary donations as well. Actually, I'm probably going to send Baker your way, because let's face it... who can say no to that kid?? Soooo, if you'd be interested in entering a team, sponsoring a hole, donating in any way, and/or joining my planning committee, please shoot me a message!

I've never done this before, organized a golf tournament, but I see a need for a selfless organization serving our community and I couldn't help but want to step in to try to help meet their needs. And I sincerely hope that you feel the same way... see you on September 30th!! I'll guarantee you WON'T want to miss it, because there's nothing I do half way!

XOXO, Hezz & Baker

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